Add Shared Mailboxes to your phone

While Shared Mailboxes aren't accessible with the native mail clients on iPhone and Android phones, Microsoft's Outlook app will allow you view all Shared Mailboxes that you have permission to view.

  1. Download the correct app from your phone's App Store if you don't already have it installed:                                      


2. Open this Outlook app on your phone


3. Add your work email account (not your Shared Mailbox yet) by tapping the icon in the top left of Outlook (note that this button will show different letters for everyone and is usually your initials):



4. Then pressing the buttons as below:

mceclip3.png         outlook-iphone-add-email.png


5. Enter details of your work email account as requested and allow it to add the account to Outlook


6. Once your work account is added, you can add all the Shared Mailboxes you have permission to view.  Tap the icon in the top left of Outlook and then tap the following buttons:

mceclip3.png       mceclip4.png


7. Enter the full email address of the shared mailbox in this next box, ie



8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for each Shared Mailbox you wish to add.   

9. By default, emails from your work account be will be mixed in with emails from the Shared Mailboxes.  However you can filter between the different accounts by clicking the icon in the top left


and then selecting the email account/Shared Mailbox you wish to view:


10. Now you have Outlook setup on your phone, you may wish to remove your email account from the native email clients on your phone (Mail app on iPhone and Android), otherwise you will receive duplicate new email notifications.


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