Opening encrypted emails and other zipped attachments

If you receive an email with a .zip attachment (for example from a financial provider), first verify that it is a legitimate email and you know the sender and are expecting the email - you can always ask Cloud Fixes if you are unsure.

Once you are happy with the authenticity of the email and are ready to open the attachment, follow these instructions:

  1. Save the attachment to your Desktop

          Open the email, right click the attachment and choose Save As:


           Then select This PC, Desktop and Save:


  1. Unzip your file

          Find the folder on the Desktop, right click, select 7-Zip, Extract Here:


         If your Document is password protected you will need to input the password in the next screen, then OK:


       Say Yes if you get the following message:



  1. Open files from Desktop
    Your files will now be on your desktop, find them and save where appropriate.  Once you have finished with the attachment, delete any associated folders or files from your Desktop.


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