Access Word, Excel or PowerPoint through a web browser

To access your documents through a Web browser.

  1. Go to and login as usual (click here for instructions).

  2. Click on the waffle  in the top-left of the window and select Word or Excel

  3. You can then access any recent documents.  Do not create new blank documents here, see next step on how to create a new blank document.

  4. If you want to create a new document then it is easier if you create the document in the folder you need it saved in, by going through OneDrive as normal (click here on how to login to OneDrive).

  5. Once you have found the folder you wish to create the document in click on new and select either Word or Excel.

  6. A file name will be automatically created, normally "DocumentXX", you can change this by going onto File.

  7. Then click Save As and then Rename.

  8. You can then rename to a more appropriate file name, click on OK and you are ready to start your new document.

  9. All data will be synchronised with OneDrive (on Office 365 and your company T drive) the next time you login
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