Download Microsoft Office software to your PC

If you have a qualifying Office 365 subscription, you can download Microsoft Office software, (Excel, Word etc) to up to 5 devices - follow the steps below to download the software.

  1. Go to and login as usual (click here for instructions).

  2. Click on the settings  icon.

  3. Scroll to the end to "Your app settings" then click on "Office 365".

  4. Then click on Software (Install software).

  5. Then click the Install button.

  6. The Software will start to download and you will be presented with this screen, once the software has downloaded click on the file at the bottom left had side of the sceen.

  7. The next message you will get say "Yes".

  8. Follow the install instructions.........

  9. When you first open any Office program you will have to login, enter your Office 365 email address.

  10. Enter your Office 365 password.

  11. You can now open any Office program directly from your PC.
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