How to login to Office 365

To log into Office 365 from any internet connected device, open a web browser and follow these instructions.

  1. Go to (add this address as a Favourite in your browser for easy access in the future).

  2. Check the top right of your screen. If you see this icon  you are already logged in so click on this icon and select "Work, school or university" as shown below, this will take you to your options.


  3.  If you see "Sign in" on the top-right of the screen instead of the blue icon you are not yet signed in, in this case click "Sign In".


  4. Enter your email address (this may be different to your other login email addresses), click "Work, school or university" account (if asked). 


  5. Enter your email password (this could be different to your other passwords!).  For compliance reasons, do not click "Keep me signed in".

  6. You may be presented with the following screen, if so click "yes".

  7. Click on the waffle  in the top-left of the window and select your application of choice.
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