Connecting to the cloud from an iPhone or iPad

Microsoft Remote Desktop is available for free in the App Store.

Once it has been downloaded and installed onto your device, the following settings will need to be configured:

Open the app and:

1. Select "Add Remote Resource Feed" from the Add menu


2. Enter in the Server URL field.

3. Enter your cloud username (usually your email address but contact Support if you don't know it).

4. Enter your cloud password (Support will not know this but if you don't remember it, click Submit a Request at the bottom of this article and we can reset it for you).

5. Press Save:


6. Select "Add PC or Server" from the + menu:

7. Enter the name of the server you wish to connect to in the PC Name field - if you don't know your server name, click Submit a Request at the bottom of this article.

8. Enter your user credentials in the "User name" section and then click "Settings":

9. Enter the "Friendly Name" as "Work".
Create a Gateway Server by tapping on the "Gateway" option.


10. Under the Gateway options, select "Add Remote Desktop Gateway"


11. Enter the Gateway Server address as "", then select "Done".

Ensure that the "User Name" fields is set to "Use connection credentials" and select "Save" to add the new bookmark.


12 .Once the above configurations have been made, tap Save.  To launch the connection to your Remote Desktop, tap on the entry in the Remote Desktops list.

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